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          1.  In Club News

            World Handicap System

            The World Handicap System arrives in Ireland on 2nd November 2020.

            Everything you need to know about WHS is available at  www.golfnet.ie/whs  and we encourage you to go to this site and look at the Resources:

            1. WHS Player Presentation
            2. WHS Frequently Asked Questions
            3. Rules of Handicapping
            4. Players Reference Guide
            5. CONGU advice on WHS

            Plus a Selection of helpful Videos

             Other locations for this information:

             ON FACEBOOK:  The World Handicap System is coming to Ireland on 2nd
            November. Find out what it means for you at www.golfnet.ie/whs 

             ON TWITTER: The World Handicap System is coming to Ireland on 2nd
            Nov. Find out more at www.golfnet.ie/whs  @GUIGolf @IrishLadiesGolf

             ON INSTA: ‘World Handicap System – 2nd November – more info at
            www.golfnet.ie/whs  @IrishLadiesGolf  

            Enniskillen Golf Club Course & Slope Rating can be found under this Website’s homepage – The Course / EGC Course & Slope Ratings

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