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            CLUB OFFICIALS? 2020


            L-R: President Jim O`Kane? 2020 Lady Captain Hazel Hogg? 2020 Captain Scott Hamilton

            Photographer: Raymond Millar


            Captain – Scott Hamilton

            Vice Captain – Paul Sheridan

            President – Jim O`Kane

            Past Captain – Stephen Smyth

            Secretary – Barbara Thompson

            Treasurer – Paddy Duffin

            Match And Handicap Secretary – Stephen Gault

            Greens Convener – Gary Smyth

            Bar, House & Entertainments – Tanya Cathcart

            Junior Convener – vacant

            Lady Captain? – Hazel Hogg

            Vice Captain – Helena Tisdale

            Past Captain – Dympna Slowey

            Lady Secretary – Deirdre Slater

            Lady?Match Secretary – Rita McKechnie

            Lady Handicap Secretary – Deirdre McSorley

            Lady Treasurer – Jackie Crawford

            Lady Press Officer?– Josie Boyle

            Lady Committee Member – Margaret Morrison

            2020 Member’s Representatives on Club Council

            Frank Magowan

            Vincent Corrigan

            John Kempton


            Tommy Duffy

            Colin Greaves

            Brendan O’Neill

            Teddy McKinley

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